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How Driving Can Enhance Your Career Prospects

During the recent lockdown caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, many establishments have been offering members of the public the chance to enhance their job skills. For some of us, we are taking advantage of this in order to upskill. This has been made possible thanks to places like the Open …

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AI Is Adding Personalization to Your Email Campaigns

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”– Stephen Hawking As business processes continue to integrate machine learning, AI has already established itself within the core processes by allowing machines to perform tasks the way humans do. In addition to AI enabling solutions for us to be able to adjust …

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The Considerable Growth of E-Commerce

E-commerce has experienced a significant growth over the past ten years, surpassing the high street. Thanks to app-only banks such as Revolut, we no longer need to visit a physical bank, and the introduction of food delivery services such as Just Eat allow us to get food from the commodity …

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6 Content Marketing Essentials to Grow your Business in 2020

It’s only natural for a business to strive towards organic growth and expansion over time. In order to successfully grow a business, you need to have a content marketing strategy. Whether you operate as a small independent startup or a large international corporation, your content marketing will shape the way …

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Are Employers Period-Savvy Enough in the Work Place?

The stigma related to periods can be perceived in various ways and in the workplace, it can become a huge obstacle. In 2018, the total female employment rate hit 71.4%, the highest percentage since 1971. The records revealed that there were 15.3 million women over the age of 16 in …

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How Could You Market Your Business?

A successful business is usually one that has created effective marketing strategies — it isn’t surprising that the public need to be aware of your brand for it to grow. All businesses should invest in marketing to encourage purchases, engage with customers, sell and grow. So that begs the question: …

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Brands That Are Passionate About Inclusivity

Much has been said about inclusivity, but where can this ideal be visualised? Many brands say that they support these causes and are pushing for change. However, this isn’t always evident or apparent in their actions. Consumers need evidence that they have changed their practices, or at least can see …

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Can SME Businesses Utilize AI Technology to Achieve Success?

Can SME businesses utilize AI technology to achieve success? Artificial Intelligence Technology has been touted as the solution that will address the decline of business efficiency and stagnated growth. Investors and Government departments are in awe of AI technology, how it can change the way businesses operate and the opportunity …

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7 Tips to Write Great Social Media Content

Guest Contributor Adela Belin is the Head of Digital Marketing at Writers Per Hour. She creates content surrounding marketing with a focus on social media and digital marketing. You can be all sorts of fun and casual on social media but that has got nothing to do with using correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Using …

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Seasons Greetings

Christmas Card

All of us here at Web-Clubs would like to wish you all a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year It seems unlikely that 2018 will be remembered as a great year for business. Government infighting, a nation divided over Brexit and uncertainty over relationships with our biggest trading partners …

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Improving Marketing Campaign Conversion

Improving Conversion

Conversion is the ultimate goal of a marketing campaign. For an online shop, a successful conversion is the closing of an order, for an advertising campaign, it's more likely to be collecting prospect details for following up. Improving conversion is all about attention to detail. When I started in marketing, …

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