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Introducing the B2B Club

The B2B Club is a free to join online club for small and medium sized businesses. The club’s website provides useful tips to help you market your business. You can share experiences and tips with others as well as learning from them. By signing up for our newsletters, you can get valuable marketing tips in your inbox.

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Know your market

Where you are today and where you want to go Advertising is expensive Unfortunately many channels will happily take your money even if they know, it will fail to deliver the result you are seeking. Whilst it is convenient to blame the channel and possibly their ethics, the advertiser needs …

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Marketing to Baby Boomers

The Baby Boomers The Washington Post is credited with coming up with the term to describe the generation born after the end of the second world war. Not surprisingly after six years of conflict, when the troops returned home there was a boom in pregnancies. The definition typically covers those …

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