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Don’t Forget Your Website Updates

Websites like cars, boilers and offices require maintenance. If you fail to look after your website updates you risk losing business if the content is outdated and perhaps more importantly, you raise its vulnerability to being hacked.

Content Updates

A website that has out of date information gives a poor first impression. Inaccurate information can cause confusion, create extra work and potentially lead to extra expense.

Modern websites built using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Joomla can be edited in house by someone with competent PC skills. Alternatively, most website developers will help, charging by the hour.

Content is a key driver of your score on search engines such as Google. They like to see changes.

System Updates

It’s a sad fact of life, that hackers for fun, or financial reward, target websites. Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable as are sites running out of date software. The providers of the website platforms, themes, plugins and other software, regularly release updates, some of which are security related. Again, most updates are easy to apply. If your nervous, then it’s worth considering buying a hosting package that includes software updates.

Before and after website updates, always make a full backup of your website just in case something goes wrong.

Design Updates

Design matters, websites need to look modern, be visually attractive and not too text heavy. As over 50% of accesses are from mobile devices, make sure it is mobile responsive. Today’s visitor expects data to be readily accessible with relevant images and possibly videos.


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