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As with clothes, In Marketing, One Size does not Fit all

Even before the digital revolution, there was a choice of tools available for marketing a business. Now with such a wide choice on offer, it’s important to make the right decisions and choose the right marketing tool

Decide what you want to do

Broadly speaking, there are three main categories;


Here you take your message to the market, you take control. You wish to promote a special offer.


Here you react to interest such as a “Google Search”

A good way to compare these two, it to look at a fictional plumber. During the quiet, Summer period, they want to promote boiler servicing or replacement. A pro-active tool such as email marketing is needed here. In Winter, responding to emergencies is more likely, so a being prominent on Google etc. (re-active is important.


This is all about protecting and continuing to sell to your existing customer base, an are all too often neglected. This includes tool susch as loyalty cards and volume discounts.

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